Quality Standards and Corporate Guidelines

  • Our primary corporate goal is customer satisfaction. That's why our products and services have assumed a position of excellence in comparison to our competitors. The widely diversified brands of our customers, when combined with the brand name "Polmont", should become a synonym for unparalleled quality.



    The requirements and wishes of our customers are always binding for us. Delivery times and assurances therefore always need to be maintained.






    Employee satisfaction is no less important to us than is customer satisfaction, because satisfied employees have a major impact on the company's ability to make high quality products and services available to our customers. The success of the company is dependent upon this.




    Whether an employee himself makes a mistake or observes the mistake of a colleague, we expect both situations to be opening discussed, so that we can jointly find the appropriate solution. We want to try to avoid such mistakes in the future.



    Also, the condition of our machines, our equipment, tools and testing devices all have a major impact on our quality. We therefore expect that every one of our employees handles this equipment carefully and that all of the personal items entrusted to him are tended to correctly.



  • Quality doesn't just happen. It needs to be worked for and every employee needs to reestablish his or her own committment to quality every day. Reaching the level of "zero mistakes" must therefore become the personal goal of every employee.




    Aside from quality and the reliability of the supply, the prices we charge our customers for our products and services is also a critical measure for customer satisfaction. It is therefore of utmost importance that cost-conscious planning and actions with purchased raw materials become the daily routine for every employee.



    General management of the company always tries to address every problem and to accept ever criticism so that employee satisfaction is assured. It is very important in this process that our employees can openly and freely express their views. We put a lot of importance on mutual trust.



    The quality of the products and the services we offer depend to a large extent upon the quality of the raw materials we purchase from third parties. Our suppliers are therefore actively involved in our quality policies and that is why we regularly carry out supplier evaluations.



    We want to continually develop. We are totally dependent upon ideas coming from our staff, in order to optimize internal processes and the set up of the various workstations. We are also always on the look out for new procedures, methods and technologies.